Woman Health Campaigns

Women Health Organization collaborates with like minded partners and conceptualizes integrated awareness campaigns on woman health issues. 

Intimate Health Awareness: Personal Hygiene, Menstrual disorders and Vaginal Infections are key points of Intimate Health Awareness Campaign organized by Women Health Organization.  There are issues pertaining to appropriate personal hygiene amongst females which needs to be addressed in an inclusive manner. Similarly, 39% of all the Infectious diseases affecting the female population globally are accounted to vaginal infections. Women Health Organization plans to reach over 2 Lacs women in this year for educating the female community of intimate health issues.

With all advancement of society, a large woman population of the country still suffers with poor menstrual hygiene using rags or old clothes. In fact poor menstrual hygiene is the major cause of prevalence of Reproductive Tract Infections amongst woman contributing to female morbidity. The only way to help this population of woman to graduate to better practices of personal hygiene is awareness and education about menstruation so that they can come out of the taboo of the subject and adopt right practice. The recent initiative of Govt. to provide washroom and water facility in schools shall significantly contribute to the improvement of the situation yet there are certain key points which need to be focused. It is estimated that approx 28% of woman population in India suffers with Reproductive Tract Infection and expert blames it to poor menstrual hygiene practice.

Women Health organization reaches out to girl’s colleges, corporate and other women groups for educational activities focusing intimate health.

Breastfeeding: Breast milk is the most important and nutritious food for the baby, and breastfeeding is the best investment you can make for an healthy future of the child. Research has proven that breastfeeding has many advantages both for baby and mother. Women Health Organization realizes that there are different group of mother suffering with different issues pertaining to breastfeeding. There is one group who does not understand the importance of breastfeeding, at the same time there are group of mothers who are surrounded by myths pertaining to breastfeeding and considers that breastfeeding can affect their body shape and fitness.

Similarly there are group of mothers who wish to breastfeed but are not able to comply with breastfeeding due to dual responsibility of working and home. Keeping all factors in mind, Women Health Organization strives to reach out to mothers and educate them in an holistic manners so as to cover all the aspects related to breastfeeding like importance, myths, affects on child health. The breastfeeding campaign also focuses on “How to Breastfeed” as several mothers struggle to breastfeed due to lack of knowledge  in terms of “How to breastfeed”.

Safe Drinking Water: Water is a basic need for any being. Every human living on earth needs at least 20 to 50 liters of clean and safe water for drinking. Cooking and for other consumptions.  The consumption of unsafe water is deadly claiming to the death of 1.8 million people every year due dirroheal disease like cholera. There are millions of people and family who are seriously affected by water borne disease,- and all this are easily preventable.

Women are the guard of health of wellbeing of a family. Educating a women on the importance of safe and clean drinking water, is just equal to protecting the entire family from falling to the pray of water borne disease.

In its community outreach program, Women Health Organization reaches out to women groups and disseminates knowledge on importance of safe and clean water. The objective of community outreach program to let every women (hence every family) adopt the practice of consuming safe and clean water in their home and motivate their societal group to adopt the same.