O’GOD Initiative

O’GOD Initiative – One Gynaecologist, One Delivery :

Every minute a woman dies as a result of pregnancy or childbirth in the world whereas every 10 minutes the same thing happens in India. The loss per annum of 57,000 women in India is mind boggling which raises a question to the development of our society “Why a woman die while giving a life”.

O’GOD is an initiative of Women Health Organization so as to seek support from Women Health Experts ( Gynaecologist) for preventing pregnancy related deaths in India. Under this initiative, Women Health Organization wishes to develop a pool of large no. of experts who content to offer one free delivery in a year. In parallel to creating this pool of experts, Women Health Organization shall also develop an IT based system for collecting the information about the needy people. The O’GOD initiative targets women who are not able to avail the appropriate healthcare facility for the delivery. The IT based system of Women Health Organization shall identify such underprivileged, needy woman and connect them with the woman health expert in the region under O’GOD initiative.

The O’GOD initiative will reach out to under-privileged woman who unfortunately die or suffer with complications due to unavailability of appropriate care at right time. A tiny drops make the might ocean, through this initiative, we intend to help a very large number of woman in the country to deliver in a better environment.

The initiative shall work as a support system reducing the burdens from over crowded govt. hospitals and should also contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality rate in India.