Menstrual Cycle ‘Leave Policy’- Must for a Woman

Menstrual Cycle Leave ‘Period Policy’ : After the Bristol Company in UK becomes the first company to announce Menstrual Leave ‘ Period Policy’ allowing women to take time off during their menstrual cycle, in India, the W&D Group,  the feminine intimate health focused company, takes the lead announcing the similar policy for all its women employee.

Menstrual Cycle is a natural process for a woman and she has to undergo with lot of discomforts during those days. It’s a taboo subject and the working females have to go several adjustments during those days. From the painful period to menstrual cramps, the menstrual cycle makes a woman to suffer with several problems like irritability, backache, bloating, headache, anxiety, stress etc. The entire situation becomes worse when the woman is working as she has to manage her work in all these discomforts.

This is a wonderful initiative as it will create a new arena for the comfort of working woman. The initiative of this kind will boost the confidence of working women and it will lead to a better health and working scenario for women. This policy is expected to create a very friendly and comfortable working zone for the working women in India and across the globe.

These days when the numbers of working women is rising, it’s a natural need for woman. This policy is recognition for women and put importance of overall care of working women as it allows women to take time for their body’s natural cycle.

This policy ensures that the work culture is fundamentally designed for woman rather then pushing them to fit in the culture formed for man.

Now, woman does not need to cop with her menstrual cycle, rather she can have a happy period.

Women Health Organization thank W&D group for accepting this proposition of ” Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy” as laid by our advisory forum.

We at Women Health Organization feels that its a ‘Must Need’ for working women and we urge to all the leading organization to create such policy in their system. It will not only increase the productivity but it shall create health working system for the women in India.

We invite like minded partners/corporate for the campaign who wish to participate in this initiative and help make the work environment more favorable for women.

The advisory team of Women Health Organization shall provide complete support to the organizations willing to implement this policy. Women Health Organization shall honor the companies with the  certificate of “Pro-Women Health Environment Company” and the companies will be featured in the regular news bulletin of Women Health Organization.

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