Gift “Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy” to your women employee on this International Women’s Day

Gift “Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy” to your women employee on this International Women’s Day

Dear Patron,

We at Women Health Organization (India) work towards betterment of women’s health. International Women’s Day is around and we want to seek your attention towards the very pertinent issue pertaining to women’s health and the work culture. Traditionally, the work system and culture at corporate is structured according to the man as workforce. It was quite suitable when men constituted as the major workforce. In current scenario, the population of women workforce has risen significantly. Now the workplaces witness equal number of women working shoulder to shoulder with man as workforce in the companies. Majority of women feel that our office work structure needs to redefined and redesigned making it more suitable and comfortable for women.

As you know, Menstrual Cycle is a natural process which every healthy woman has to undergo. It is the most important physiological process of woman as it secures the very feminine aspect of child bearing women. But Menstrual Cycle is not always a very comfortable process. During this time, the woman has to go through lot of discomforts. She experiences pain, anxiety, backache, depression, and stress due to natural process of menstrual cycle. And when she is working or out of home, the problem becomes more painful affecting her quality of life and her regular routine. She has to make several adjustments to cope with the situation.

We feel, our working system needs to understand these issues pertaining to woman workforce. And it is time when the corporate create a work system which is friendly and favorable to the natural process of woman.

With this background, Women Health Organization is requesting the companies/corporate to support in creating the “Pro-Woman Health Work Place”.  As a Pro-Woman Health Work Place, the HR policy needs to be redesigned with the provision of ‘Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy’. The initiative shall create a favorable environment for your all woman staff and will certainly lead to enhanced loyalty and productivity. Take the lead in creating a woman friendly working environment with ‘Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy’; Women Health Organization shall certify your company as “Pro-Woman Health Work Place”.

To register your company for the certificate of “Pro-Woman Health Work Place” or for any other information, feedback about the campaign “Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy” write us at

Pledge and Support “Menstrual Cycle Leave Policy”. Celebrate this International Women’s Day by gifting them what they need it most.

Yours’ Sincerely


Women Health Organization