About Us

About Women Health Organization:

Women Health Organization is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of women’s health in all stages of life. Women Health Organization works to promote healthy and quality of life for women starting from infancy to old age. In partnership with government, NGOs, public sector and private sector, Women Health Organization promotes women’s health through education, advocacy program and campaign implementation.

Throughout her life cycle, a woman experiences various health issues and problems which need to be addressed in a collaborative manner. Women Health Organization identifies these health issues affecting woman’s life and develops support programs to addresses women’s health issues through inclusive and participative activities.

The core mission of Women Health Organization is “Improved health for women and girls” which is an important aspect of any growing society.

With its offices in California, Toronto and New Delhi, Women Health Organization networks with national and international communities for executing awareness and educational programs at policy level and at ground level for improving women’s health.

Women Health Organization invites like minded organization and individual to join hands in the mission of working towards improved health for women. If you wish to join Women Health Organization as a partner or as a member, please write at contact@womenhealthorganization.org.